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Discover unparalleled craftsmanship and reliability with Hicks Fencing and Handyman Services, your local Rincon experts in fence installation and repair. We’re committed to delivering quality service at a fair price, ensuring your property’s safety and aesthetic appeal.

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Trusted by clients all over Georgia.
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Welcome to Hicks Fencing and Handyman Services, where we combine skilled craftsmanship with the personal touch of a local Rincon business. Our team, led by Zach Hicks, is dedicated to providing top-notch fencing solutions, tailored to meet the unique needs of each property in Rincon and surrounding areas.
“Every fence we build and every project we undertake is more than just a job. It’s a commitment to the community of Rincon to deliver quality, reliability, and value in every service we offer.”
Zach Hicks
Zach Hicks


about us
repairs, installations and more

Diverse Handyman Services in Rincon: Repairs, Installations, and More

Hicks Fencing and Handyman Services proudly extends its expertise beyond fencing to encompass a variety of fence services tailored for Rincon. Our offerings include precision-driven home repairs, innovative aluminum and vinyl fence installations, and custom screen room and pool enclosure construction. Each service is infused with our deep understanding of Rincon‘s unique needs and aesthetics, ensuring we not only solve practical home challenges but also enhance the local charm of our community.



Jill Gould
Jill Gould
Deffinitely very professional, kind and satisfied with quality of work. They knowledgeable men will Deffinitely use them again
Caitlin Annuniziata
Caitlin Annuniziata
Great team! Zack was very helpful and thorough throughout the whole process. They got the job done very quickly! We will definitely be using him for more services around our house. We are so pleased with the work that we have already recommended him to our friends and family!
Myles Watson
Myles Watson
Zack was very professional and courteous. Him and his crew were very respectful and always showed up on time and delivered great work. I will be using him for many future projects to come and would recommend him to anyone looking for a great and honorable handyman.
Margot Todd
Margot Todd
I absolutely LOVE my new fence. Zach and his crew were great. Very professional and hard working and pleasant!They were in my neighborhood installing a fence and I called him for a quote. Got my quote within an hour and I am sitting in my fenced in backyard 3 days later! Highly recommend!!!
Monica Tutson-Burley
Monica Tutson-Burley
They did an awesome job screening in my patio! 👍🏾 A+ service and is highly recommended.
Joan Smith
Joan Smith
Zach was on time, very knowledgeable, experienced and professional. He told us he would get the job done ASAP and he did few days later. Thank you Zach! Now we can enjoy summer on our back porch.
Timothy McCormack
Timothy McCormack
Hicks came and did a wonderful job on my wood fence. Very good quality and completely in a timely manner highly recommend!!
Hicks Handyman Service did an awesome job with our shadowbox privacy fence. I called Zach Monday evening and he gave me a great quote. His team came Tuesday and the fence was completed on Wednesday. I highly recommend this company!
kale herndon
kale herndon
Zach and his team recently completed our fence. We have used his services in the past and it was without hesitation for us to choose his business a second time. We appreciate the quality of work as well as the price being fair and reasonable. I would recommend this business to anyone!
Marge Kerly
Marge Kerly
Zach and his crew installed a privacy fence for us.Highly professional.Quality work and a eye for detail. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Thank You again for a great job well done!
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Why Choose Us

Local Knowledge and Specialization

We understand Rincon’s unique style and needs, tailoring our services to fit the local aesthetic and functional requirements.

Dedicated Customer Service

At Hicks Fencing and Handyman Services, we prioritize your satisfaction. Our approach is hands-on, ensuring every detail meets your expectations.

Quality and Affordability Combined

We believe in offering exceptional value, combining high-quality materials and workmanship with competitive pricing.
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Our Services in Rincon, GA

Transforming Spaces in Rincon with Expertise and Precision
wood fence installation in rincon ga
Our wood fence installation combines rustic charm with functionality. Expertly navigating common issues like privacy and security, we utilize top-grade wood to ensure durability. Whether it’s combating weathering or enhancing property aesthetics, our local knowledge in Rincon ensures each fence is not just built, but crafted to perfection.
screen room installation in rincon ga
Screen room installation by Hicks Fencing and Handyman Services offers an ideal way to enjoy Rincon’s outdoors without the hassle of pests. We address common problems like outdoor comfort and space utilization by designing custom screen rooms that blend seamlessly with your home, creating a perfect, bug-free outdoor living area.
aluminum fence installation in rincon ga
Aluminum fence installation is our answer to low-maintenance, yet stylish boundary solutions in Rincon. Often, homeowners seek durable and elegant fencing options; our aluminum fences offer just that, combining strength with aesthetic appeal. This service ensures a weather-resistant, long-lasting fence that elevates your property’s look.
game fence installation in rincon ga
Specializing in game fence installation, we cater to Rincon’s need for robust, wildlife-resistant boundaries. Our expertise tackles issues like wildlife encroachment and property protection, offering sturdy fences designed to withstand animal challenges while maintaining the natural beauty of your outdoor space.
vinyl fence installation in rincon ga
Vinyl fence installation is our modern solution for a sleek, maintenance-free boundary. We understand the desire for fences that resist weathering and fading. Our service in Rincon provides high-quality vinyl fences, promising durability and a fresh look with minimal upkeep, aligning with the contemporary homeowner’s needs.
poon enclosure installation in rincon ga
Our pool enclosure installation service in Rincon ensures a safe and enjoyable swimming experience. Addressing concerns like safety and debris, our enclosures offer a barrier that’s both functional and aesthetic. We provide sturdy, custom-designed enclosures, enhancing your pool area while ensuring compliance with local safety standards.
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how we do it

Our Process


Consultation and Custom Design

Tailored Solutions Meeting Rincon’s Unique Needs – Your Vision, Our Expertise.


Quality Materials and Craftsmanship

Selecting the Best Materials for Durability and Aesthetics in Rincon.


Professional Installation and Follow-up

Precision Installation with Ongoing Support – We’re Not Done Until You’re Satisfied.
Vinyl Fence Installation in Statesboro, GA
Your Questions Answered - Helping You Make Informed Decisions


We specialize in combining local Rincon aesthetics with functional design, ensuring each fence is not just built, but crafted to enhance your property.
Our selection of high-quality materials, coupled with expert craftsmanship, guarantees fences that withstand Rincon’s climate and wear.
Absolutely! We offer bespoke designs to match your home’s style and functional needs, ensuring seamless integration with your Rincon property.
Depending on the material, maintenance varies. Our team provides detailed guidance post-installation, tailored to the Rincon climate.
Project duration varies, but we prioritize efficient, high-quality work while minimizing disruption to your daily routine in Rincon.
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Embracing Rincon's Charm: Hicks Fencing and Handyman Services - Your Local Expert

Rincon, Georgia, a vibrant town rooted in history, offers a unique blend of small-town charm and growing urban amenities. Nestled at the coordinates 32.2960° N, 81.2354° W, Rincon’s heart beats with a population of approximately 10,000. This dynamic town, with its lush parks like Freedom Park, historical landmarks like the Effingham Museum, and modern comforts seen in the Rincon Recovery Hospital and various hotels, presents a canvas rich in diversity.

Hicks Fencing and Handyman Services, deeply woven into Rincon’s fabric, understands this diversity. Our services, from wood to vinyl fencing, are tailored to embrace Rincon’s distinct character. We honor local architecture and preferences, ensuring each project enhances its surroundings.

The climate in Rincon, with its humid summers and mild winters, demands specific material considerations. We at Hicks Fencing and Handyman Services prioritize climate-resilient materials, ensuring longevity and minimal maintenance for our clients.

Our commitment to Rincon’s eco-conscious ethos is unwavering. We employ sustainable practices, like using recycled materials, reflecting our dedication to preserving the town’s natural beauty. Understanding Rincon’s regulations, we ensure compliance in every project, aligning with local building standards.

From the historic streets of Goshen to the bustling neighborhoods of Autumn Woods, our services span across Rincon, catering to each area’s unique needs. We understand the nuances that make each neighborhood special, allowing us to provide personalized solutions.

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About Rincon, GA

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In the heart of Georgia is Rincon, a city bristling with dynamic opportunities. The city center stands as an emblem of growth at coordinates 32.2960° N, 81.2354° W. Interestingly, popular landmarks like the Lost Plantation Golf Club and Freedom Park are constant buzzwords on the lips of its burgeoning population of 10,124 residents.

Hicks Handyman Services and Fence Company recognizes Rincon’s potential. Our Fence Company thrives within the diverse neighborhoods, spanning from Westwood Heights to Stonewalk, Williamsburg, Silverlake, and the Pines – each a testament to Rincon’s allure. We understand the local market, and utilize that expertise to serve our customer’s needs, tailoring solutions to the particular nuances that define these neighborhoods.

The subtropical climate of Rincon also adds to the distinctive qualities of this city. Our company ensures that each project we handle stays compliant with local regulations and is designed to withstand the weather variables, thus guaranteeing longevity.

In places like Efingham Hospital and Rincon Elementary School, our projects stand as mirrors reflecting the city’s growth. Speaking of growth, Rincon is not devoid of eco-responsibility, and Hicks Handyman Services is on board. From using recycled materials to employing sustainable construction methods, we aim to contribute positively to Rincon’s eco-conscious community.

We serve not just as a Fence Company; we embody the dream of Rincon. From fixing fences across the city to building them new around the Rincon Inn and New Ebenezer Retreat Center, we’re immersed in the rich heritage, making each venture a part of Rincon’s story.

We invite you to become part of Rincon’s journey, to feel its pulse, and to experience the tailored Fence Company solutions offered by Hicks Handyman Services. Rincon isn’t just a city; it’s an opportunity – one that Hicks Handyman Services is committed to harnessing for each valued customer. Experience professional service rendered with a blend of expertise, passion, and deep understanding of Rincon’s unique character. Engage with us, and let’s shape Rincon together.

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